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All of our publications are for sale in our Heritage Room. If you would like to order by post please fill in the form below and include your postal address and we will reply with the postage costs and payment details.

Sark: a Sacred Island?

After 13 years of fieldwork and research archaeologists Sir Barry Cunliffe and Emma Durham have produced an extensive account of their excavations in their book Sark: a Sacred Island?  It has been published by Oxford University’s School of Archaeology and La Société Sercquaise, price £40. 


Wild Flowers of Sark

By Susan Synnott

A comprehensive guide to Sark's flora beautifully illustrated with photographs of each flower in its natural habitat



The Gouliot Caves

& Headland

By Sue Daly

A booklet guide to Sark's Ramsar site



Silver Mining on Sark

By David Synnott

An illustrated account of the ill-fated silver mining venture on Little Sark & the lives of the miners who worked there


Sark Rocks.jpg

Sark Rocks

By Felicity Belfield

A guide to the geology

of Sark


Marine Life book.jpg

Marine Life of the

Channel Islands

By Sue Daly

A beautifully illustrated photographic guide to the marine flora and fauna of the Channel Islands


Sark Voices.jpg

Sark Voices

A CD collection representing some of the earliest sound recordings of traditional Sark songs and voices of Sark


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