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In 2010 our library collection numbers around 600 volumes and a similar number of specialist pamphlets. The library began with a legacy of books by Ken Hawkes, author of Sark (David and Charles, 1977, reprinted by Guernsey Press). Marcia Marsden, creator of the Herbarium and for many years the Society’s secretary, left us her fine botanical collection. Since 2005 donations and systematic acquisition have trebled the library to its present size. We have been helped by the generosity of Seigneur Michael Beaumont, our President, and have also become custodians of over fifty volumes on loan from Dame Sibyl Hathaway’s Seigneurie Trust. 
  In addition to its aspiration to ‘everything that has been written about Sark’, the Library aims to provide basic field guides in the areas of natural history represented by our study Groups. There is a computerised list of holdings. Books may not be borrowed but may be read in the room whenever it is open.

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