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Digital Archives

The Audio Archive contains recordings from 1937 onwards of the Sark patois, spoken and sung.  Some of this derives from Peter Kennedy’s work for the BBC and has provided the material for our 2009 CD: ‘Voices of Sark’. An extensive set of interviews and conversations in Serquiais was made by Peter Anderson in 1976. These are being studied by scholars working in the Endangered Languages Project at London University, and their own recent recordings of some of the remaining Serquiaise speakers will be added soon. 
  Also digitalized are weather records, some Victorian photographs, aerial and geological photographs, and geophysical data from archaeological surveys. We have a growing number of documentary films, some historical, and some of marine life round Sark. Interactive DVD can be used to identify plants (BSBI) and birds (RSPB), supplementing Frank Rountree’s magisterial Birds of Sark.  

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