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A Charter for Sark

Sark Charter of Community Values

Help us to protect Sark's uniqueness

1 Support and maintain traditional freedom of access to all bays and footpaths.

2 Support Sark's ban on cars and other motorised vehicles and support Sark's horse-friendly policies on roads.

3 Support the ban and control on helicopters and other aircraft overflying Sark.

4 Support protection of the coast and natural landscape from intrusive 'suburban' features (such as street lighting, kerbs, surveillance cameras, communication masts).

5 Support sensible building control laws, encouraging energy-saving, rain-water catchment and solar energy collection, design and planting that suit the environment.

6 Support a basic code to protect historic buildings and archaeological sites.

7 Support basic codes to protect coastal waters and foreshores, and to conserve agricultural and unspoiled land, pasture and cliff-top habitats, fresh water sources, and sites of special geological or botanical interest.

8 Support reduction of all forms of waste and pollution (including noise and light pollution) to land, air, and water.

9 Support the use of renewable energy sources and environmentally-friendly, sustainable economic activities.

10 Support policies to strengthen Sark's self-reliance and economic self-sufficiency.

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